Affiliate Marketing Tips to Massively Boost Sales

I regard affiliate marketing as one of my top blog monetization strategies of all time. 

It’s accessible, scalable, and has the potential to make heaps of passive income. 

However, we should not view affiliate marketing with rose-tinted glasses. 

The truth is, a lot of bloggers struggle to make affiliate marketing a sustainable business.

That’s why I decided to write this post — my complete guide to maximizing your affiliate marketing earnings.

But first, allow me to clarify a few things about affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

  • 1. Write A Stellar Review
  • 2. Spice Up Your Review with Star Ratings
  • 3. Use Email Marketing Automation
  • 4. Promote Two or More Affiliate Products in One Post
  • 5. Create A Comparison Post with Your Affiliate Product on Top
  • 6. Use Pop-ups Smartly
  • 7. Leverage Opt-in Bribes To Generate More Sign-ups
  • 8. Offer Discounts To Spur Sales
  • 9. Don’t Forget To Target Keywords with Purchase Intent
  • 10. Observe How Your Top competitors Do it
  • 11. Play with Your CTAs
  • 12. Learn To Split Test Your Landing Pages
  • 13. Use Heatmaps
  • 14. Utilize Word-of-mouth
  • 15. Leverage User-generated Content
  • 16. Improve The User Experience on your Website
  • 17. Offer Freebies and Perks
  • 18. Try Embedding Your Affiliate Links on Images
  • 19. Start with Free Tools, But Use The Best Ones
  • 20. Keep Natural, Free Content Coming
  • 21. Master Your Content Distribution Channels
  • 22. Promote Affiliate Links on Your YouTube Channel
  • 23. Build and Sell Your Own Premium Content and Recommend Affiliate Products

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