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Data visualization is the new key of actionable analytics : take advantages of “Google data studio”, is now FREE to all

Web analytics is the most complex part of any app or website, in 2019 is not just a tool for viewing and record of users or visitors number, it’s something more applicability which we think. It not just a data visualizing and reporting product at all.

Till now we generally use analytics to understand visitors  behaviour, traffic source (for analyse & detect well performing channels), best performing pages and to understand integrated tags performance, better to say calculate conversion.  But after by default linking of google ads, analytics and tag manager account the data studio became more meaningful to any business owner or marketer. From now data studio console can be accessible from Google cloud also we can use it’s data on third party big data tools and create data warehousing for use at google big query visualization.


  • Remarketing will be more easy by data recall facility for long time
  • Conversion tracking more flexible by New “Conversion Linker” tag and automatic interlinking of accounts
  • Custom dashboard :Reporting is became more intuitive
  • A/B testing by Google Optimize : access full data in data studio, best to take action for conversion rate optimization by help of google sheets.

Optimize + Analytics → Google Sheets → Data Studio


We can utilize Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Google Optimize to show cutting-edge CRO testing information from Optimize in our Google Data Studio dashboards (this data will come explicitly from Google Analytics Experiments in Optimize).

At its centre, this is a genuinely straightforward errand. To begin with, we need an examination running in Google Optimize. The information we’ll be pulling isn’t, in fact, originating from Google Optimize, yet from the Experiments highlight in Google Analytics, which gets its information from Optimize. At that point, we will pull this Google Analytics/Optimize explore information into a Google Sheet where it tends to be prepared, lastly, pull that handled information from Sheets into Google Data Studio.

When this is set up, we can mechanize our reports and have Google Data Studio revive with breakthrough data as regularly as we’d like.

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